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    James Worthy (Music): Justin Bieber’s Multi-Platinum Producer Chats with Charles Myambo ----by Pat G’Orge-Walker


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    I've had a great career in the music business. I've been an Artist (the Chantels, Phantasy). I've owned a Recording studio owner (Tomorrow's Sounds), producing and recording demos for artists such as a teenage Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Vickilynn Reynolds from the movie "Friday," the legendary Intruders, several others … and that was before I entered the corporate side of the industry. I was honored to work promotion and marketing for Epic, Columbia, and Def Jam records with some of the best: Vivian Scott-Chew, Billy Woodruff, Mike Bernardo, Wanda Ramos, Reuben Rodriguez, Eddie Pugh, Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, Bob Sumner, Carmen Ashurst-Watson and Wes Parrty-Johnson; to name a few. I didn't stop there. I provided Mercury Record's new artist "Joe" with his first hit, "I'm In Luv," on behalf of my producer JDibbs and secured a Worldwide Publishing deal with EMI. I also went outside of the box and worked with the former adult movie star, Vanessa del Rio, and many others.

    However successful I might've been, there is someone who has done all of that plus some, and more successfully. That is the globally recognized, Grammy Award-winning artist, producer, studio engineer, songwriter, and always reaching for the stars and beyond, James Worthy.

    So, who did the much-sought-after Mr. Worthy find the time to sit for an interview in his hectic schedule? None other than the Mr. Celebrity magician, Charles Myambo.

    Recently, Charles performed the almost-impossible interview with Mr. James Worthy. He did it in front of an enthusiastic audience of more than one hundred people who'd preordered Worthy's Grammy hit, "See It My Way," The crowd waited patiently for answers about Mr. Worthy's journey. Of course, many wanted a touch of that talent anointing on their dreams.

    None were disappointed as they listened because he didn't just drop tea; he dropped names. So that you know, James Worthy's been the guru to many artists in various music genres. His "A" list includes Justin Bieber, Future, Dr. Dre, Jaden Smith, Asian Doll, FettyWap, among many others.

    In this eye-opening interview performed by Charles Myambo, James Worthy spills more than the run-of-the-mill tea; he drops the golden wisdom tea nuggets, making it apparent why he can make music lovers all over the world, 'see it his way.'

    And Mr. Worthy had another surprise. He promoted for twenty-four hours all those audience members who'd blessed him with preorders of "See It My Way."

    So, here we are again asking, how does Charles Myambo get those front row interviews with the talented Industry Elite? Well, for those who've decided to peek from under their rocks to learn more— Mr. Charles Myambo is the esteemed founder of Team Smooth, a rapidly growing phenomenon using the Clubhouse App that embraces the celebrity community and its own YouTube channel.

    The MYAMBO Gumbo—all the ingredients to make you hit that ‘play’ button.

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