A sample of Gospel Comedy Performances and Book Signings for Pat G’Orge­Walker- 500 and over attendees. 


ß Black Writers on Tour/ Los Angeles, California 

ß Carnival Cruise Ship Afro­American Book Summit / Cozumel, Mexico (twice) 

ß Power and Love Church/ Los Angeles, California 

ß Afro­American Writers Summit/ Atlanta, GA 

ß Coppin State College,/ Baltimore, MD 

ß LaGuardia College, New York 

ß University of Texas Medical Board/Galveston, TX 

ß Atlantic Book post, /Newport News, VA 

ß Salem Missionary Church/ Jamaica, NY 

ß Macedonia Baptist Church/ New York City, NY 

ß United Baptist Missionary Association Banquets (Annually) 

ß Rose of Sharon Baptist Church/ New York City, NY 

ß FYOS with Xlibris/ Philadelphia, PA 

ß Baptist Pastor and Widows Conference/ New York, NY 

ß Mormon Church’s Christian Conference, (Online) 

ß WNCU. 97FM/ Durham, NC 

ß Words Escape Me Conference, /Birmingham, ALA 

ß New Hope Baptist Church/ Hartford, CT. 

ß Gospel Today Television/ New York City (about 15 times) 

ß Macedonia Church Theatre/Irvington, NJ 

ß Zoe Ministries/ NYC 

ß Gospel Live/ Hyattsville, Md 

ß Word For Word/ Brooklyn, NY 

ß Brooklyn Academy of Music (The Moth) (twice) 

ß Claflin University/Columbia, SC 

ß Allen AME Church/ White Plains, NY 

ß Westchester’s Black Women’s Political Caucus (twice) 

ß Macedonia Baptist Church/ Neptune, NJ

ß Macedonia Baptist Church/ Mt. Vernon, NY 

ß Cedars International Baptist Church/ Brooklyn, NY (twice) 

ß Christ Chapel Church/North Haven, CT 

ß Cornerstone C.O.G.I.C./ Long Island, NY 

ß New Brunswick Baptist Church/New Jersey 

ß Ms. Maggie Joyner/ N. Haven, CT 

ß Zion Baptist Church/ Brooklyn, NY 

ß Forbes Theater, Buffalo, NY 

ß Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church/ Bronx, NY 

ß Bridgeport Holiday Inn/ Bridgeport, CT 

ß St. Stephens Baptist Church/ Bronx, NY 

ß Star of Bethlehem/ Ossning, NY 

ß Juneteenth Celebration/ Chicago, IL 

ß The Empowered Church/St. Louis, MO 

ß Christian Networking Organization/ (twice) 

ß Union Grove/ Bronx, NY 

ß Phylis Harris/ NJ 

ß Justin’s Restaurant/ NYC 

ß WWRL Radio/ five times 

ß KVEE FM radio 

ß WGBB radio 

ß Club Miracles Gospel Supper club 

ß BWA Organization/ Dallas, TX (twice) 

ß LaGuardia College / NY 


This is just a sample of performances by Christian Comedian Pat G’Orge­Walker

Pat G'Orge­-Walker, has sung, acted, and performed Stand Up comedy for many years. Her venues have included "The Improv" and Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, New York, Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California, as well as Reno, 

Nevada.  She has also written monologues, music, and skits for former TV show, "PM Magazine" and for Adelco Award Winner actress/ singer Sandra Reaves and several others. 

In addition to being a standup comedian, author, actress, singer, and successful entrepreneur. She is also a former member of R&B's Legendary girl group, "Arlene Smith & the Chantels," the Gospel Groups "The Spiritualettes" and "The Heavenly Two. In addition to being a part of the montage in Black Expressions new television campaign, the title was given a separate shot along with 2 other books as representing the best in Christian Fiction; one of the bestselling Christian fiction titles." 

In the 1970s G’Orge­Walker began penning short stories featuring a main character that has an intimate and impacting encounter with God Almighty on the telephone, the now infamous Sister Betty.  But it wasn’t until 1997 that she actually self­published the first in  a series of books and that book – Sister Betty God is Calling! – is now being sold on Amazon.com as a collector’s item.

“It is my intent to draw attention to God’s message of love through humor.  If we can love God whom we have never seen, yet cannot love the ones we can see, then we have missed God’s entire message.” 

Sistah I. B. DeErsher

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