Skits for Sale

DISCLAIMER:  The names have been altered to protect the guilty. 


For your convenience we now have skits available on CD. Packed full of outrageous and thought-provoking antics.

 All skits written and created by Pat G'Orge-Walker and are the sole property of Done Deal Entertainment, Inc.

Skit Scripts are available for purchase. $25.00 each or $65.00 for all three.

Purchase using PayPal, money orders. Email for more info.

Sister Betty! God's Calling You! - $25.00                    

In this hilarious misadventure imagine getting a phone call from God and then preparing your house for a visit. The visit only became a problem when Sister Betty could not find a recipe for manna, to serve the Lord, along with several exasperating and outrageous interruptions during her favorite daytime soaps. Could her best friend, snuff-dipping, half-blind Ma Cile be of any help?

Time: 60 minutes        Characters: 8

It's Only a Hat - $25.00  

Both Sister Betty and Sister Ima Hellraiser show up at the Annual Friends and Family Day celebration wearing the SAME "one of a kind" hat. You know it's on!!!

  Time: 60 min            Characters: 6 (plus Extras)

Love 4 Sale - $25.00 

Sister Need Sum and the other members of the "Oh Lawd, Why Am I Still Single" singles club decide to hold a church singles auction utilizing unknowns from an internet chat room. What could possibly go wrong?

Time: 60 min.             Characters: 5 (plus Extras)

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